Tuesday, November 1, 2011

'Tis the Season...

I started making Christmas treasures
back in the early Fall. I'm not the biggest
of Halloween fans so usually I overlook
that holiday and start marching right into
Thanksgiving and Christmas, two
of my favorite holidays.
I have a dear friend, Marilynn, whom I have
never met in person. We became cyber buddies
commenting on the same political story on
Comcast news and kept in touch ever since.
She admired a star I had done similiar to
the one above on facebook and said she
was saving her pennies for it. Right after her
post the star sold. When she ordered some tags
from me last week, I put together a new
star and tucked it in her order. She was thrilled!
I could feel her surprise all across the states to me!
I love doing things like that!
I made these ornaments the other day, they were so
fun to create!
If you are crafty, you could easily reproduce.
If not, you can find them in my paper store

Well, I'm off to head over to Pinterest after
a littleblog hopping to see what inspirations
peeps have posted!



Shabby chic Sandy said...

Beautiful items you made--I am totally with you, not big on halloween but love Christmas!

Dorthe said...

Your star is gorgeous, no wonder your friend was happy recieving such lovely gift-and your ornaments are so sweet.

ANNE said...

Love the combo of sparkle and rustic! p.s. Just gave you a "Liebster" award... over on my blog.

jenclair said...

Wonderful ornaments--love that star! (Came by way of Anne Bird/Like)

Cheryl said...

I love, love Christmas, such a blingy happy time and I love your star. Isn't it the best feeling to do something nice for someone - I love doing things like that too and isn't it wonderful to receive such gifts....
I love your ornaments so clever.
So pleased to have found you on Anne Bird Like

angel said...

nice xxx