Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Decoration Up and Last to go Down

I know I've shared how creative my Grandpa was.
He truly made Christmas magical at their
house with all the handmade decorations
he put up year after year. 

Here's a picture of little me in front of a
 wooden manger scene Grandpa created.
This would be mounted on the house
year after year.
It would be lit up for all to see.
I wish I had a picture of the musical carousel he
carved out of wood.
 As kids we couldn't wait
to go flip the switch and watch it go
 around and around.
All his creations were always
"grandchildren friendly".

So naturally, when Christmas rolls around,
I get rather nostalgic of days gone by,
especially when I take this creation of Grandpa's
out of the original box he stored it in,
and make it a focal point in our little home.

Grandpa made this little village
maybe 50-60 years ago.
 He hand-carved the little santa, skier, and other pieces.
The little village buildings, of course handmade.
The church complete with little stain glass windows
 he drew on wax paper and inserted.


As careful as I am tucking this away
each year, I still lose fragile pieces.
Sometimes I can repair it,
but this year I lost another antler
that I could not repair....sigh.........

This little village was never a finished product.
 Over the years Grandpa would add pieces to it.
 The manger scene is a little gift
one of us grandchildren
probably gave him for Christmas.
It was one of those prizes 
you would win for selling Christmas Seals!

The little tree was probably from
sometime later in the years.
Look how sweet the village lady is!
She's feeding the chickens and dogs!

as I start to put away the decorations
for another year,
this little village will be the last to be tucked in.
And the first of the decorations
to be displayed next year!

I still miss you my special Grandpa!

Happy New Year dear followers!
Many blessing to all of you for
a wonderful 2012!



Pattie @ On Hollyhock Farm said...

How beautiful! My dad was the same way. I miss him, too. Take care of that little village! Lol 8^)

Pie Lady Pat said...

This is a wonderful story. How nice that you have some of the treasures your Grandpa made.
Happy New Year.

Donna, The Decorated House said...

This is truly one the most wonderful treasures I have ever seen. What a joyful creation!