Monday, August 1, 2011

Something I Want!!! and then A Funny Story

Okay ! If I had $6oo. something dollars
to blow right now,
(which I don't, two kids in college and
living in a fixer),
I would blow it on this slip cover!!!
It's from a store on

Can you imagine cozying up with a cup of coffee
in the morning in this chair?? I have the
perfect chair I would cover too! one else
would be
allowed to sit in it!!!

Okay now
for the funny story.............

Have you ever seen a car like this driving around
in your neighborhood?
If you have, it is taking pictures
of your house for Google .

For the longest time, since we have moved
into this fixer, I have wanted Google to
 reshoot our house
 because it looks
volumes better than when we
first moved in!!!
I've wanted to call Google and say
"Wait!!! Come back!!!"
Because you know, we have all done
it where we Google either our house
or someone else's
to see what their house looks like.

And you can seriously
zoom in and see what
is sitting on the front porch!!!

for the funny part.....................

The other morning I was sitting on my porch swing
on the front patio, talking to my bestie
April on my cell,
and drinking coffee....
here's the best part -
in my mismatched old pajamas, with my
hair up in what I call a
on top of my head,
with some remains of the
day's before mascara around my eyes,
and what decides to go driving by

You got it!!!
I jumped up and yelled


Come back!!!!!!!

 Sadly I heard they

only come around

every 5-7 years!!!!

dear readers,
have a wonderful day!


Ido said...

I love that chair slip, I knit so probably I could make one :) The story about the google car is hilarious!
Have a lovely day!

Terry said...

LOL...great post.


OMG! You cracked me up! That's what I call---"everything's in the timing"!! Love the knitted slip cover, what fun and sooo very expensive, maybe someone can knitted for you??

vikki said...

Love your car story.

Anonymous said...

classic,funniest post ever - now I'll have to download google earth for sure :)