Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In a Frenchy Frame of Mind....Sigh........

The other day at my coffee clatch one of
my girlfriends asked me if I wanted
to go with her to Paris this Fall
on a flea market find! 
Uh...let me think....YES!!!
oh wait...
(two kids in college and living in a fixer...)

thoughts spun around in my head like:

*can I hurry up and win the lottery?
*can I go in myself and close that deal
on my hubby's new account?
*can I sell off the contents of
my whole entire studio by then??
Because let's face it, when you get to Paris
and start hitting those vintage shops and flea markets....
You're going to want $$$$ to spend!

But.....I can dream and create in the meantime
so here are a few musings I created....

 I made this pillow slip from a linen shirt I found in a thrift store

and finished off the end with this ribbon tie.

This pillow is made from an old, old lace tablecloth.

The cloth panel is embellished with little vintage treasures.

The pillow slips into the end.

And of course what says more "French" than toile!
I made these lavender sachet pillows measuring 9x9 inches

Thank you for dreamin' of Paris
with me
for a few minutes...

Have a great day full of new surprises!



Carole said...

I have a friend in Normandy now and she is already sending things home....lucky girl. Yes must have lots of spending money.
Love your pillows esp. the one with the dressforms ...the embellishments are fabulous.


Karen said...

Oh they are all beautiful. I am SWOONING over that lace pillow.

Sandi said...

Oh my!! What an amazing opportunity you have to go to PARIS!! I do hope that you get to go!! Loving your pillows too!!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Your pillows are gorgeous. I especially love the one with the embellishments.

Barbara Jean said...

I LOVE that pillow made from a lace tablecloth!!

barbara jean

ImSoVintage said...

What lovelies you have created. Yes, I dream of thrift shopping in Paris too, but for now it is just dreaming. So happy to have found and followed you through White Wednesday.

Vintage Rose said...

Wow - those are sooo beautiful!! Do you have an etsy? Are you selling them too?

Maureen said...

So very, very pretty!

Ido said...

Your pillows are gorgeous! I am green of envy, I want to go to Paris too! :)
Have a great week!