Monday, July 25, 2011

Been Thriftin', Creatin', and Gardenin'

The hanging basket by the front door!

Okay, I have been gone way too long! The summer,
it still hasn't felt like summer....brrrrrrrr,
has been busy.
With my daughter home from college,
the whole house
takes on a new energy level.....
oh scratch that, I mean.....

Spoiled Sarah with spoiled Sophie dog!
I take on a whole new energy level...."mommy
( I fast become"mommy" again
when she's schmoozin')
can you make that sandwich I love so much?...
can you get me snuggly in the chair
with my fave blanket?...
can you hand me the controls?..........."
I have to admit, I love having her back home.
And I love doing all those things that I miss doing
for her when she's away at college. She's working
almost full time this summer at an Orthopedic Clinic
and I can't complain!
Let's see what else......

 I found this deliciously shabby chic vintage quilt
while thriftin' the other day! Oh my gosh if you could
have seen the condition it was in, you would have
probably passed it up! I brought it home, washed it in
my special lavender, vanilla washes several times
along with some heavy duty Oxyclean
and it came out

I hugged it and smelled it over and over, displayed it in my studio
and then listed it on my website.
I secretly hope it doesn't sell, I might change my mind
and KEEP it!!

I also found this sweet vintage alarm clock and this
gorgeous pearl detatched collar...........

Today I created a sweet new pillow using a vintage linen shirt I found thriftin'.

It is listed in my etsy shop as well.

It's good to be back to blogging! Now I need to go visit all my
blogging peeps and see what everyone else has been doing!

Have a great day today!



Amanda said...

Hi Clare,
First of all, your daughter and your dog look extra cute and quite comfy! I cannot even imagine having kids away at college...but I'm sure that day will come much quicker than I could possibly imagine! Your thrifty finds are so fabulous! I am particularly fond of pearl collars! Now, that quilt is so very special! Any chance you would share with us the details of that lavender/vanilla/oxy wash you mentioned? I am not so lucky when it comes to laundering vintage linens! Any tips you have to offer would be most appreciated!
Best Wishes and Blessings,
p.s. Looking forward to following you!

Lori said...

I have a corgi mix dog....I have found so many in blog land and on FB have corgi's now. I just love them. Anyway, I love your pillow. I'm gonna jump on over to etsy to get the scoop on that adorable thing. Thanks for sharing!

Butterbean Row said...

I love your finds especially that pearl collar! And your pillow is lovely!