Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah...............................

Remember that old song? We used to sing
it on road trips as a family as
we crossed the nation in our
stationwagon hauling a trailer behind!

Lately I've been collecting old kitchy
things and either putting them in
my little cottage kitchen, or
selling them in my vintage store
Here are a few of the treasures I've found...

Oops, that's my husband, he's not for sale LOL!!

I love enamelware!

A must have for any cottage or farmhouse kitchen.

Miss Piggy Creamer

Vintage Canning Jars

A darling tiny tea kettle!

The cutest spice shakers ever!

A pretty to put your gravy in.

Thank you for stopping by! I'm going to go
over to Faded Charm and see if I can
find some more fun things to look at
for White Wednesday.



Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

LOVE that piggy!!!
Too cute!!

Ido said...

Love the piggy creamer and those vintage canning jars!