Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank You For The Beachhouse!

I am blessed to have some sweet friends
in my life.
One particular family friend
has this amazing beachhouse on a bluff
on the Oregon coast.
They are so generous with this home
loaning it out to friends and family
at no cost.

Whenever I am blessed to use it,
I always repay in the little
way I can with a gift.

The house is decorated in all shades of
blue and touches of red now and then.
There are vintage signal flags and
nautical treasures everywhere.

So I put together this little basket
for the thank you this time....

I ran over to Sur La Table and picked up a beautiful fave
tote of mine from reisenthel. They are the
best hardiest totes ever! I used to sell
them in my boutique and
we would monogram them.
I made this yummy lavender sachet,
added fresh new towels,
a new bathrug to replace a shabby one,
a ship in a bottle I found junkin',
a couple of other fun nautical treasures,
....then tucked in cellophane.
Then I dug into this in my studio....
...and pulled out this...
and formulated a lovely bow of many shades of blue.
I then made this tag,
...tied it to the front with the bow, a note of
appreciation, tucked in a vintage brass whale hook,
and it's done!
I have to say that preparing this is always,
selfishly a treat
for me too!

Enjoy your day!

Please take a minute to pray for Japan.


Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

You are the most generous and thoughtful person that I know Clare! You are truly a blessing as a friend :)

ps - did you guys get any tsunami warnings where u are? we did....nothing major here, but some amazing pictures of the beaches receding waters. Crazy! Many prayers being sent for Japan... :(

Anonymous said...

Such a thoughtful thank you gift. I'm your newest follower.

Anne said...

Oh my Clare! I can't imagine a more enjoyable, pretty gift! Your friends are fortunate to have such considerate guests... I live near a lake in the mountains, maybe I can get you to be my houseguest too :-)

dreams on 34th street said...

What a gift to find you today! Such talent and
inspiration! I'm your newest follower! Pleased to meet you, Clare! *Lynne*

aprilann said...

I love it Clare! It's perfect! It says THANKS in the best way possible! I am always amazed at your wonderful talent and eye for beauty! Love you...

Shellbelle said...

Just lovely, down to every last detail. I can easily see why you would be a welcome houseguest time after time!

Japan has not been out of thoughts since I first woke up and heard the news yesterday morning. Tragic and heartbreaking. My son lives on the California coast and it is where I grew up. I experienced two major earthquakes in all the years I lived in CA and when I heard the strength of the one that hit Japan, my heart sank. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How beautiful! You are so thoughtful and creative. And I am praying all through the day! Hugs! ♥

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I would say you are both very lucky! A visit to a beach house sounds like heaven to me right now...and that basket of treasures is such a wonderful gift!

The situation in Japan has just been terrible. I keep watching and praying.