Monday, March 14, 2011


Years ago I would pass by the garage sales that looked
like they were selling doilies and ashtrays!
What was I thinking!!!
Now it's what I look for...
doilies, that is, not the ashtrays :)

Here are a few projects I've made using these sweet pieces:


a white sweater pillow, and lavender sachet.

I was contemplating a doilie pillow project today. You can do the same...
I am all for shortcuts whenever possible.
Trot on over to IKEA
and race to the pillow section. You will find
a hundred possiblities of pillow slips
to purchase and embellish!
They are made of a muslin type fabric
 and are zippered.
And the prices are GREAT!
They also have great pillow forms.

Then......perhaps sew this on the front....

or this...
or this....

or perhaps this...
This is a fast simple way to make a shabby chic
pillow for your shabby bed or guest room!

Now, check out what I found on the other day....

...a doilie Rug!
How fun is this!

I hope this inspired you a touch today or made you smile.
Please continue to pray for Japan every
chance you get.


~Sheri~ said...

Oh yes..i m ALWAYS on the look out for doiles or crocheted pieces. I tea stained some doiles and m using them na bathroom redo. THANK U so much for the ikea pillow info..I dont sew and have a hard time finding the pillows i can off white.

trash talk said...

I used to run from sales if I saw telephone insulators and mason know how that has changed!
Loving the pillow with the stacked doiles and the rug...Oh Mylanta!

saltbox treasures said...

Visiting from French Cupboard. Love your doilies. They are so pretty. Your basket for the Oregon beach house is very nice too. Love that ship tag you made.
Have a great rest of the week!
~ Julie