Friday, March 18, 2011

"Mom Isn't That My Old Sweater??"

Okay, I'm just going to say that
before you give away your sweaters
think twice! They make the fastest, easiest

pillowslips ever!

I dug through my bin of old sweaters
and pulled out nautical themed ones for
this project.
Take your sweater of choice and using a
rotary cutter, slice down the sides,
taking off the sleeves then across the top
taking off the neckline. Leave the
bottom alone for this style. Serge up the raw
edges and you are done!
For this one I first added a nautical compass
using fabric for my printer.

This slip seriously took 10 minutes to make.
This time cut all four sides away,
serge all four sides, open the buttons and
stick in the pillow!!

This sweet tiny pillow was made from an old
Ralph Lauren baby sweater.
Again, cut off the three sides leaving the
bottom alone.
Serge the sides, and slip your form in.
I added old military embellishments to this one.

Hope this inspires. I would love to see what you create
using a sweater. Do share!

Have a wonderful weekend full of blessings!


1 comment:

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh my gosh...and to think I just gave away all my old sweaters to GW..... lol! Wonder if hubby will miss any of his....

These are just adorable, Clare!

xoxo laurie