Friday, January 22, 2010

Lend a Book As a Gift

Ya Ya Sisters at Thanksgiving Themed Chemo

My YaYa's and I have been together for years and years raising our children, celebrating every occasion we can in order to gather, supporting each other through tears and laughter, through the good times and the down times.  We started out as a mentor group. Three of my YaYa's started mentoring us three younger YaYa's in everything from life, family, friendship, and faith. They were just enough ahead in their own walk that they could mentor us through our younger journey on the same path. Our current journey is walking through cancer with Jenni (in the center with the pie). Every week we have a themed chemo. Our most recent theme, last week was to celebrate Marcy's (in the front with the black shirt) first grandbaby.

Book Two of Rashi's Daughters

Along with all of this, we love, love, love, all of us, reading a good book. Our latest discovery is a book trilogy called Rashi's Daughters by Maggie Anton . I stumbled on the first book at the library. Unable to wait for the library to get the second in, I went and purchased it at Borders. Judy grabbed the third book, and Marcy then picked up the first book so we could own all three books. I'm am sadly done with the third wishing I didn't have to say goodbye so soon to all the characters and story. When I was ready to pass on the second, I thought it would be nice to drop it off on Marcy's doorstep as a gift of anticipation.

Book Three of Rashi's Daughters

Here is book three ready for delivery. I save every scrap of fabric I use when creating in my studio. Those scraps come in handy when it comes to creating my own unique packaging. You can pick up a hefty roll of brown paper in the paint section of Home Depot to have on hand for all sorts of wrapping including making a little jacket for a borrowed or lent book.  Add some tea bags, and even a little note of something you can't wait to discuss when the borrower has finished the book.

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