Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thank You So Much For The "Thank You"!

One of our favorite couples had us over for a night of Mexican Train Dominos and Dinner. Kelli made this wonderful meal that had me saying "You really went all out, you shouldn't have!". She is an amazing cook and you always leave feeling as if you have dined in some fine restaurant.

This kind of thing, my little flock of followers, is why you need to go a little further beyond the "thank you note". I'm always vintage hunting. I was in Goodwill the other day, with my YaYa sister, Terri, pouring through the messy silverware bins when she pulls out this sterling spoon with a "B". "Do you know any "B" people?", she asks. "Yes, I'll take it!" (for $1.99, I might add).
I slipped a little piece of sheet music into a cellophane envelope, polished the spoon up just a little to keep that vintage look, tucked it in and finished the whole thing off with a little tulle, dried flower, and tag.

And there you have it; a "thank you" that will leave the recipient feeling as if a "thank you" for the "thank you" is necessary!

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