Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just Now Getting My Head Above Water

Whew! What happened to the time? Here I was kinda leisurely creeping up to the holidays, all the while posting things on my website; http://www.therobinandsparrow.etsy.com/ , and all of a sudden the Christmas crunch hit! Etsy had featured my spoon ornaments in one of their gift guides and I was swamped with order requests. The problem? I really didn't have the supplies gathered from my vintage sources to meet the demand, so I made the few sets I could, and decided to be better prepared for the next Christmas season, way ahead of time, like "summer" way ahead! Here are a few pics of some of the items I sold. Peruse and enjoy and then ...

scroll down to the bottom to see the very best part of Christmas this year...

The above crystals were from a vintage store here in Portland called Hippo Hardware .  I searched through bins for hours and found just the right ones that were not chipped and had flat backs so I could adhere vintage ephemera to the back.

So the best part of Christmas this year was having my two college kids home from school, waking up and taking the "Christmas Morning Bedhead" picture, getting new socks, snuggies, etc, kissing my husband of 23 years and going to church to celebrate...now that was a truly blessed Christmas.

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