Friday, November 6, 2009

Shabby Chic Sampler

Remember way back in the day, or at least in some of our days, you would walk into a country home and there would always be hanging somewhere, the cross-stitched sampler?  If I remember correctly there would usually be some little cross-stitched dutch couple in the center, with maybe a heart encasing them, along with the alphabet.  Now I'm in my forties so bear with me as I try to successfully head down memory lane here, but I'm sure this sampler I'm describing hung in Great Aunt Louise's house. Well fast forward to today's time and take a look at the modern day, shabby chic, natural, sampler I have created.

I always think that if my two college-age babies were still babies today in a nursery, I would shab chic the whole thing in natural tones, lots of linen, white washed furniture, and this sampler.

I think by just looking at this heirloom piece, you get the idea of how you can create one for yourself.  If you do need specific directions, just email me at, mention in the RE what you need so I don't think you are some creepy spam, and I'll give you instructions. 

This is one of my absolute favorite, rewarding treasures. I've since sold it on my Etsy sight. I may reproduce it again, but since it is a one of a kind, each sampler will be a treasure of its own.

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