Thursday, November 5, 2009

Counting Down to Christmas

I remember as a child the anticipation and excitement of Christmas.  We always knew that when the Christmas Calendar was brought out the first of December, Christmas was just around the corner.  I carried this tradition on with my own children through the years. The Christmas Calendar held it's own special place at the eye level of whatever the kids ages were at the time, in the kitchen front and center.  I decided we all need to hold that sweet sense of childhood anticipation in our hearts and lives even as adults, so I created a grown-up version of the Christmas Calendar. Use this idea as a template for creating your own Christmas Calendar.  Enjoy...

I used an oval board, covered it with a raw burlap and trimmed it out with vintage trim.  Depending on the size of your board, plot out where you want to place your nails.  I used gold for the nails.  Now it is so trendy to mix silver and gold in mixed media.

To make the calendar squares, simply cover a sturdy piece of cardboard, both sides with a strong canvas type material. Then rotary cut the squares to the desired shape and stamp each one with a number.  Then trim out with glass glitter.

Then start hunting for little treasures to hang on each nail.  I found alot of these treasures at vintage stores.  Then I hung each one with gold thread.

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