Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Perfume Bottles and Glass Viles As Ornaments??

I hit the jackpot the other day when I ran across a baggie full of tiny perfume bottles in one of my favorite vintage shops.  These make the cutest little ornaments!

To make these you'll need to score first a collection of tiny perfume bottles.  Okay, and I'm just going to tell you that the worst part of this project is emptying out the old perfume! If you have a utility room sink, do it in there with plenty of ventilation.  The smell was so strong that my husband came home and wondered if Great Aunt Louise was back for a visit from the grave. I think there was a Chanel N0. 5 that Coco herself had personally used to dab behind her ears!
You will then need to clean them in hot soapy water with some bleach. Agitate them in the water until they become clean, shake out all the access, and I hung them upside down in a mesh bag on the clothesline for a few hours to completly dry.

Then get busy filling the bottles with little treasures. I filled mine with a vintage photo, pearls, silver beads, glass glitter, Martha Stewart, rafia, etc. I sprayed the lids a shabby creamy color and roughed them up a little. Then I screwed the lids on with a dab of clear glue cement to hold in little vintage pieces of trim for the hangers.

These ornaments are made with old glass medicine viles.  I removed the red rubber corks and took a trip to my local Ace Hardware and rummaged through their cork drawers until I found some that would fit snuggly in the viles.  You will also need to pick up, while you're there, little teeny eye screws to screw into the cork center to hold your ribbon.

Then once, again, start filling your viles with tiny treasures. I filled mine with a vintage photo, glass glitter, pearls, rhinestones, buttons, seashells, a curly of sheet music, tiny clothes pins, etc.  Resist filling all of them to the top. You want it to look interesting not like they are bottles full of supplies. After you fill them, put a little clear cement around the base of the cork and tuck the corks in.  Be sure to put your eye screw in the cork first.  Then hang with an interesting piece of ribbon or string.  I used a old ribbon I bought a a garage sale. 

On some of the ornaments I added a little bling such as a sterling sillouette from a vintage bracelet, tiny mercury glass stars, pearls, and teeny snowflakes.

Okay if you like what you see but you are a crafter, or just don't have the time, I'll be listing these two sets on my website, The Robin and Sparrow,  and you can just purchase them. I only made these sets though so it will be first come, first serve. 

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