Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vintage Spoons and Chandelier Crystals - More Addictions!!!

I often do my little confessions of my addictions
in this blog, as you know. Here are two
more...teeny tiny teaspoons
chandelier crystals.
I wish I could say this
was all I had of the above collections
but, it's only a sampler! I do have a purpose
though for these collections, I make
little creations with them.

This is my newest set of spoon ornaments.
The trick to these is to get to know the
guy in the hardware department at
Home Depot so when you go back to
get 3 more sets of drill bits after breaking
5 or more per spoon set, he will have them
all ready for you at the counter!

It's so worth the outcome though.
I would ask my husband to maybe show
me how to narrow down the
amount of drill bits I go through,
but I'm afraid he would wrap too
many words around the explaination
and I would start thinking about
laundry or unloading the dishwasher or something!
These are a fave of mine to make since I
am also addicted to vintage monograms!

Oh, and I'm also addicted to anything of the
vintage royal court. This goes for all movies of
the different court eras as well!
The next set of ornaments was created from images
I copied from a vintage set of playing cards I
found at an estate sale. The images are

as you can see!
These ornaments can actually be left
up all year around, I have
several hanging from the chandeliers
in my bedroom and kitchen!
You can make your own sets of the above creations,
if you need directions or more ideas, just
email me at
or if you can't make your own and have
a little $$$ to spend,
you can find these for sale at


Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

You are fabulous my friend!!
I just have to give a big ol' "neener neener, neener!!" to everyone who wants the spoon ornaments....cuz I grabbed them up already!
I have learned my lesson from your previous amazing, gorgeous and uber-creative Christmas creations - get them before someone else does!!!
Cant wait to have more of you in my home my dear :)


clare said...

Lo! So glad my spoons will dress up your holiday this year! Thank you! xoxo!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Your decorations are unique and pretty!
Cas x

Cindy said...

Those are very creative and beautiful! I'll be searching for vintage spoons now too!

vikki said...

These are beautiful.

Fishtail Cottage said...

Gorgeous! where can i order some? oxox

Gail said...

Love the spoon/crystals ornaments; they will catch the light so well from the Christmas tree lights.

Jill said...

these are really neat!

victoriantailor said...

This is amazing! so pretty, can you ever use more spoons? I may have some to send your way,
Celeste, The Victorian Tailor