Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vintage Bottles to Treasures

Who would have guessed these old medicine bottles would become such treasures down the road? The fever has caught on and now it's hard to find them for less than six dollars.  Since I refuse to pay that much, I have found them along the way in thrift stores and at garage sales. I then take them and scrounge through my huge supply of "this and that" and come up with bling to decorate them.

This one was super fun to make and so simple. I have a baby shredder that I use to make curly wordy confetti.  These strips say "memories", "gatherings", and "family" on various shades of paper I printed out on the computer. Then I backed a tiny vintage photo of someone's reunion back in the 1800's and tucked the photo in the bottle. I blinged out the bottle with vintage trims, and costume jewelry, and topped it off by making a hole in the center of the cork and gluing in a chandelier crystal. Then I poked with teeny tiny stick pins pearls here and there.

These two bottles were easy to bling out as well. By using trims and costume jewelry you can really dress them up.  I adhered a scalloped piece of sheet music to the bottle on the right for that fun extra touch.

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