Monday, August 29, 2011

Made this Wreath and I'm in a Magazine!

I made this wreath yesterday. By the time
I was finished, my hands were
raw from the burlap!

I made the bow out of burlap and vintage fabric.
The wreath is so gnarly and full, I love it
but am selling it in my
gotta pay the bills you know...

My star ornaments are in this current issue of
Better Homes and Gardens
in the grocery stores!
I sold these in my paper store
last year.

they posted the instructions....
...and decorated this tree with them,
I love this idea, wish I had
thought of it!!!

Have a great day full
of wonderful surprises!



Sherry Hicks said...

I absolutely adore the wreath and congratulations on the Magazine! That is my dream to make it in at least one. I bet your are very happy! The star is beautiful.

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Howdy girlfriend :) I cannot tell you how much I (and everyone else!) absolutely LOVE my wreath that I got from you :) It is on my door year round and always brings a smile to my face.....You know how much I adore all of your creations. Need to catch up soon!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Congratulations!!! This is amazing news and you should be so proud!!!
I'm SO happy for you!

Sandi said...

What a gorgeous wreath and stars! Now I must run out and get that magazine!! My magazine addiction is bad...:)

time worn interiors said...

Congrats on being in the magazine! I love the wreath!

d e l i g h t said...

Congratulations! Your decorations are darling! I'm going to make some! Found you at Faded Charm!

Tami said...

Beautiful wreath! Congratulations too!!

BECKY said...

LOVE that wreath! It was sooo worth the hand issue!! And that little tree with your ornaments is amazing!! What fun to be featured!! You go girl!!


CLD said...

I love the burlap wreath..what a great idea.
Congratulations on the star being placed in the Better Homes and Gardens..that's so exciting. Thank you for sharing. Bobbie

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Clare...congratulations! Love your stars!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the burlap wreath and how exciting to be in Better Homes and gardens! Congrats!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

By way of Pinerest...Congrats on your publication..Your star is beautiful. And I love the little sparkly tree. Thanks for the fun

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Congrats on your creative accomplishments!! Just started following you!

Emma Joy said...

I really like this post! Such cute and nice ideas.

The star is one of my favorite photos!

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