Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tulips and a Lady Bug

In the last four days we have had
2" of snow, torrential rain,
high winds, and
howling coyotes in the woods
behind our house! (i guess the coyote
thing doesn't really have to do with
the weather lol).
You would never know it was Spring around
here except in my studio!
This is the vignette over my desk. I love this
stage of tulips...

...when they start to get all messy...

...and droop...

...and drop their petals...
so beautiful!

Then there's my airplant, that stays green
all year perpetual Spring
in a teardrop.

This little stowaway was on my iris plant.
I was hoping she would stay and we'd
be friends, but the next day
she was gone.

 Bringing a little Spring into my studio
has a way of lifting my daily spirits
in anticipation of it transferring
outside soon.

I hope you all are enjoying Spring
weather, wherever you perch!



Cheryl said...

I agree I love the way tulips bend and droop, so pretty. I also love lady bugs my favourite :)

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

LOVE those tulips! I had some similar last week (they had a tangerine and white ruffle!). I am so ready for Spring already....but I think your weather is headed my way this weekend! Hope all is well in your world :)
Have a great weekend!!