Monday, April 18, 2011

In A Lavender Frame of Mind

 I love lavender so much, that I think this Spring I am
going to plant pot after pot of it and
put it all around my patio! I know I've told
you of this weird obsession I have with lavender
before, but seriously, I cannot get enough of it!

Here is my first potted project.
I included my cement lady,
who I believe is also crazy about the scent of

Today I created 5 new lavender sachets.
My friend Geri has the most unbelievable quilt
shop this side of the Mississippi! She is seriously
known all over the quilting world.
I found this cool fabric in her shop

It was a French motif with different squares
depicting different items.
I knew immediately they would make wonderful
tops for lavender sachets.

Now, once again, my studio smell transports me
 to somewhere in France where I am
sitting in a field of lavender!

If you want to purchase one of these
you can find them
in my shop sometime in the next day or so.


1 comment:

trash talk said...

Lavender fields forever!
Wish I could grow it here in Texas.