Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birdhouses I Want To Live In!

This sweet house was in one of the booths at Monticello
 Yesterday I was on a vintage hunt with one of my bestie's Kelli. Our first stop was at I can always count on a find in this unbelievable vintage marketplace. I'll blog later about my shabby, shabby, mirror find, but I'm in a birdhouse shopping mood. I have many different feathered friends that live in my yard. I'm thinking some of them need some shabby digs to start a little family of tweeties.
I wanted to snag this beauty up instantly at Monticello, but I blew my little stash on the shabby mirrow.
To me the shabbier the birdhouse, the better! Here in Oregon, it doesn't take long for some great moss to add to the look!

The red roofed house is gorgeous! But for me it would need to be all white. Then it would be perfect!

This half house can be found at
Some of these houses, like the one above can be quite the investment! You might have to take out a birdhouse owners mortgage!

Also found at

Okay! Add a front porch swing to this one, and I'll move in!

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